Running from Adulthood? Powerful Music Video by Ruth B

J. M. Barrie first used Peter Pan, the character who never wanted to grow up first appeared in The Little White Bird (1902) written by J.M. Barrie.  The character was based on J.M. Barrie’s older brother who died in a ice-skating accident.  The family considered him to be the boy who always remain the same age. 

As the series progressed, a division developed with Peter Pan running from Captain Hook and the pirates in Neverland.  The pirates of Neverland are the only adults, and represent growing older.  The Lost Boys are his tribe of friends who run from the pirates.

In this video from Ruth B., she describes the how she had one true friend as a child – Peter Pan.

Here is the link – please listen closely to the words. 

As a society, we must ask ourselves and emerging adults the following questions.

  • As adults, do we welcome them into adult communities?
  • How do older adults show care for emerging adults?
  • How do we portray adulthood?
  • Is adulthood something that emerging adults want to achieve?  Do they know how to achieve it?
  • How do adults describe the challenges and behavior of emerging adulthood?
  • How do adults show empathy and support for emerging adults?

These are great questions for any church or community that is seeking to become intergenerational.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Managing Director of EA Resources, and the Founder of the EA Network.  If he can help your community understand and minister to emerging adults, please contact him at


Adulting: Runner-up “International Word of the Year”

All the words from Flickr via Wylio

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Each year, the Oxford English Dictionary names an international word of the year.  This title is awarded based upon the word’s use during the past year, and how it reflects “the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year.”

This year’s title went to post-truth (read what this means).

One of the shortlisted words (considered, but not chosen) was…

adulting nouninformal

The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

The Urban dictionary defines it as the process of doing grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups. (Source)

Various hashtags on the subject are also used including:

This word is often associated with the struggle of millennials to grow up.  Books and blogs have exploded on helping them overcome their apparent delayed development.

At EA Resources, we teach three developmental tasks which equip individuals to successfully transition to adulthood – which we call the E-VACuation Plan.

Here are three links that overview these three main developmental tasks.

David - Prof 2If I can help equip your parents and adolescents as children transition into adulthood, please contact me at

Sending a Different Message to Emerging Adults – An Example

The message of the organized church doesn’t seem to be sitting to well with many Emerging Adults.  Many emerging adults are exiting the church at record numbers – creating what I call the Millennial Exodus.
video-ready-to-goI believe that if we want to see a reversal of this trend, then we will need to change our message.  No, I am not talking about watering down the gospel or avoiding the today’s tough topics.  The church needs to send a different message to Emerging Adults.

The main messages that emerging adults hear from the church is that their generation.

  • Are selfish and narcissistic.
  • Are too techy (which is usually described as weird and unhealthy).
  • Are leaving the church.
  • Are endangering the future of the church.
  • Are too young to really lead.

These words may not have been spoken from the platform, or printed in the bulletin; however, the message is loud and clear to them.  They know it well because they have heard these messages while sitting in your faith classes and in your pews on Sunday mornings.

What is a better message to send to emerging adults?  Here is a great example from the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.


video-lcmsHere is a Link!


There is a need for denominations and churches to send a different message to emerging adults. This message should be well-crafted, simple, and repetitive.

Leave a comment of what you feel needs to be said to today’s emerging adults.

David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the managing director of EA Resources, a non-profit designed to equip parents and churches to engage emerging adults. He is also the founder of the EA Network, a community of people who serve and love emerging adults.

Lily Endowment Funding Church Initiatives to Emerging Adults

The Lily Endowment Fund just recently released a report that they will be funding churches and organizations who will be taking new initiatives to reach young adults.

Here is a complete News Release.

lilly-endowmentLilly Endowment Inc. is launching a $19.4 million initiative to help congregations engage young adults and work with them to design innovative ministries that support and enrich their religious lives.

Lilly Endowment Inc. is an Indianapolis-based private philanthropic foundation created in 1937 by three members of the Lilly family – J.K. Lilly Sr. and sons J.K. Jr. and Eli – through gifts of stock in their pharmaceutical company. The Endowment is committed to causes of religion, education and community development. Its religion grant making is primarily focused on initiatives to enhance and sustain the quality of Christian ministry in American congregations.

I look forward to seeing how the money is used, and I pray that God uses these resources to build His kingdom.


Faith Radio Interview – with Neil Stavem

I was recently interview by Neil Stavem on Faith Radio about emerging adulthood, and the delayed development of adolescents.  It was a great time of discussion, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with their team.  Here is a write-up that they completed of my interview.

Or download the interview – Here.

Dr. G. David Boyd says that while God doesn’t provide a clear definition of adulthood, there is a big difference between what Scripture reveals to us and what our society teaches us on the subject of adulthood.

“For example, if you ask adolescents what it means to be an adult, some will answer that it is about being independent, both financially and emotionally, and of course moving away from their parents’ home.”

“However, God’s design for us as adults has never been independence, but interdependence.God has designed us a social being who should learn to rely on each other as we go through life’s journey.”

Dr. Boyd discovered that if we don’t have a proper understanding of what it means to be an adult, we won’t be able to teach our children what it means. As a result, he created an evacuation plan for parents and emerging adults to use during their transition into adulthood. He reviews the three main developmental tasks from the acronym VAC:

“Vocation: are they able to work in whatever God calls them to?”

“Autonomy: are they able to establish autonomy? The ability to make decisions and deal with consequences?”

“Community: can they develop community, the ability to develop and maintain interdependent healthy relationships?”

“If we teach our adolescents and emerging adults, and give them the ability to discover vocation, to establish their autonomy, and to develop community, then they will be a healthy functioning adult.”

Dr. Boyd points out that these developmental factors also resonate with the core of what it means to be human.

“Our basic needs of a human are to be useful, to be free and to be loved.”

He expands our human nature and the importance of having an eVAC plan in place for emerging adults.

“As we discover our vocation as a human it helps us feel useful, as we establish our autonomy to give the ability to be free, and as we develop a community around us to fulfil is our basic human need to be loved.”

David - Prof 2

Dr. G. David Boyd is the managing director of EA Resources, a non-profit designed to equip parents and churches to engage emerging adults. He is also the founder of the EA Network, a community of people who serve and love emerging adults.

You are not alone – A Bible Study for Parents of Young Adults


I had the privilege of meeting with Corey Magstadt who runs a ministry to serve young adults in the community of Chaska, Minnesota.  Corey seeks to minister to emerging adults and their parents through his Launch ministry.  After years of running support groups for parents, he wrote a resource called, “You are Not Alone.”

Image result for you are not alone book corey magstadtParenting emerging adults while rewarding is sometimes a difficult job.  Parents often feel isolated because their words might embarrass either themselves or their adult children.  This is especially true in the church where parents often feel as if they have failed.  Corey writes, “Sadly, our churches often forget that one of the primary roles of the body of Christ is to be a hospital for sick and broken people.”

A desperate need exists for safe places for parents to share their experiences.  Corey envisions small groups that meet on a regular basis to share a part of this journey. I believe that groups could be led by churches, educational institutions, non-profits, or other social organizations who have a passion for emerging adults and their parents.

The book includes a discussion guide for each lesson.  Each week begins in a similar fashion including time for each individual to share.  Then a different topic is discussed revolving around the specific needs of emerging adults and the transition of their role as parents.   A Facilitator’s Guide is available which provides practical advice to launching your own group.  It includes supplemental information for each of the 12 sessions.

Corey is the founder of Launch Ministry, a faith-based non-profit organization established to expose emerging adults between 18-25 years old to opportunities that will promote healthy, productive transitions into adulthood.  Launch Ministry assists young people in a holistic transition by providing them with tools to develop life skills, opportunities to lead and serve, and by promoting spiritual and character formation.  Corey lives in Cologne, MN with his wife Lori, and their children.

You can purchase You are not alone–  Particpant’s Guide here.

You can purchase You are not alone- Facilatator’s Guide here.

New Research Projects regarding Science and Emerging Adults – Coming from Fuller

I have always had a love/hate relationship with science.  I still remember the day in 3rd grade when I called a frog a toad in class. Science is also the only class in high school where I completely bombed a test.  Yet, I did love my high school science teacher, and I am thankful for how she daily wrestled with issues of science and faith.

When I saw the news earlier this year that Fuller Institute was doing research on the lives of Emerging Adults – I became ecstatic.

There are three major reasons why this new research excites me:

1.  The use of the word emerging adult shows an awareness and acceptance of how the human life phase has shifted.

2.  Research is being done to help us understand the Millennial Exodus, and how the church can respond.

3.  Fuller Youth Institute has recently launched some great material – including Stick Faith.  (Which has brought attention to the question – Why do some emerging adults stick with their religious faith while others leave?)

Here are some great lines from the announcement:

  • Nonetheless, engaging the Gospel with science is critical because, according to Barna’s David Kinnaman, one primary reason that one-third of 18-30 years olds are leaving the church is that it’s seen as “anti-science”.
  • Bring mainstream science to church, create communities that discuss the integration of faith and science, and there God will be revealed.

You can keep up with this research by checking out the STEAM website.  (STEAM – stands for Science and Technology for Emerging Adult Ministries.)

There is so much that we do not understand about emerging adults, and how their faith is changing individually during this life phase.  At EA Resources, it is our passion to encourage research, and provide resources to parents and churches who seek to minister to emerging adults.




Bethel University – Directions to Adulthood

This fall, I am excited to be working with Bethel University to provide encouragement and resources to parents during Family Weekend – 2016.  I am thankful for the staff at Bethel University who realize that our world has changed, and therefore both emerging adults and their parents need to be prepared for the journey ahead into adulthood.

Here is the seminar description:

“Directions to Adulthood – Preparing Your Young Adult for the Journey Ahead” 

Blank Road SignWhy does it seem that today’s adolescents are taking longer to grow up? Are millennials selfish, delusional unicorns, or are there other factors affecting their development? This seminar will explore the causes and proposed solutions of delayed development while providing an understanding of emerging adulthood (18-25 age group). We will examine the biblical basis of adulthood, and how parents can support their children during this critical transition. Boyd believes this seminar will help you better understand your children, and encourage you during this new phase of parenting. This seminar is free, but pre-registration is required. Space is limited.

Here is a link to Bethel’s Event.

The goal of EA Resources is to equip parents and churches to understand Emerging Adults.  I hope that more Universities and Communities will follow their lead, and realize that “The Times They Are A-Changin'” (Bob Dylan).

Please contact me at if you would like me to present at your community.

David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.  He is also the Founder of the EA Network, a group designed to share ministry theology, resources, and practical tips.

EA Resources is Expanding! Introducing a New Staff Member

God has greatly blessed our work in the past year.  Through the generosity of God’s people, I am excited to announce that EA Resources has hired someone to join the team.  (You can join our Financial Partners – Here!)

Julia Powers and I connected through a blog post that got my attention – (You can read that post here.)  She will be joining our team to help manage the multiple blogs.

Julia Powers is a writer and aspiring minister currently based in Dallas, Texas. She received a B.A. in English from The College of William & Mary in 2013 and is set to begin an M.Div at Duke Divinity School in 2016. Since college, Julia has spent time working in nonprofit communications, interning at her local church, and living in intentional Christian community with other emerging adults. Julia writes regularly on her own blog and has contributed posts to numerous other sites, most frequently the blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA. You can connect with her online on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Julia will be responsible for the content and oversight of our websites.

EA Resources oversees the production of three sites:

  • EA Resources – a website designed to provide resources to parents and churches who wish to understand and minister to emerging adults.
  • More Than A Beard – a multigenerational website that seeks to explore various aspects of being a man who follows Jesus Christ.
  • More Than A Mirror – a multigenerational website that seeks to explore various aspects of being a woman who follows Jesus Christ.

I am so excited about Julia joining me in the work that God has called me to do.  I know that you will be blessed and encouraged by her work.

David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.  He is also the Founder of the EA Network which seeks to connect people who desire to minister to the needs of emerging adults.  If you would like to contact David, you can e-mail him at

National Network for those who Minister to Emerging Adults

In the 1960’s, Wayne Rice and Mike Yacconeli came together to convince the church that ministering to youth was essential for the health of the church.  Their vision turned into the organization Youth Specialties.    According to Mike, “We sure didn’t know where youth ministry or our little company was headed.  All we knew was that God was somehow inviting us into this thing.”

group of girls2

Copyright 2014 by Aaron Robert Photography. Used with permission.


Our culture has shifted in the past fifty years, changing the role of church within our country, the role of faith within the life of the individual, and the metanarrative of human development.   These shifts have altered our perception of human development and created a new life phase called “Emerging Adulthood.”

As our world rapidly changes, there is a great need for those ministering to emerging adults to stand and work together.

Together we can accomplish more for the Kingdom.  Together we can…

Gather resources, share ideas, and speak as one that we might attract the attention of others.

But it is more than that… we must awaken the voices of EA’s so they can share.  Give them platforms so they can be heard.  We must show emerging adults that we are listening.  We will convince them that they are not the object of our work, but that side-by-side, we will labor.

group of girls

Copyright 2014 by Aaron Robert Photography. Used with permission.

For in this unity, the church will become all that she was intended to be.

That her body might be whole, and that her beauty might be revealed through diversity as the generations worship our bride – Jesus Christ.

I have glimpses of the vision.  I have two hands, one of which holds a pen.  I have pennies in a bucket.  I know a few people who stand beside me in this work.

It is not much, but it is a start.

Who has hands that are ready to work?    

Who has resources to contribute to this movement?  

Who has the connections to get the ball rolling?  

Who has a passion that cannot be contained? 

Who has a vision of what could be?  

Not for the sake of any organization, but for the sake of the Kingdom.  Not for the sake of another conference, but for our common purpose.  Not for the sake of another voice, but a medium through which we can hear His voice.

To whoever has resources, let them give. To whoever has hands, here is a shovel.  To whoever has a vision, let them speak.

If you resonate with this call, you may have something to contribute.  Please contact me.

May we together step forward in faith, and look forward to seeing what God will do.

profil pictureDr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit designed to help churches and parents understand emerging adulthood.