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Sharing the Gospel in a Post-Christian, Postmodern Era 1Do you want to be apart of the topics and research being done?  EA Resources is regularly seeking new voices to join the discussion.  If you are an Emerging Adult, or a Parent of an EA, please sign up to join our team.

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  1. I was one of the youth leaders that came to the Critical Decade conference that you and Tiger had put on a few months back, and found it very interesting to learn about the Emergent Adult. The most interesting thing for me was the fact that I am still an emerging adult, and listening to you speak helped make sense of some of the things going on in my own life. So thank you for that class. I also wanted to make a comment on my own struggle: I have found it very discouraging and difficult when older people/the older generations (I mean no disrespect to them, by calling them old) ask what I am doing for seeking a full time job, and when I tell them I have two degrees but still can’t find a job, they say well maybe just go back to school again because those job fields are shrinking, it feels like they think school is the only answer, yet all this seems to do as add more debt. Instead of being encouraging they actually discourage a person who is struggling with finding a job. The other part of my struggle is the fact that God has called me into a different career field than I had planned to go into (which is great and awesome) but this door has not opened yet either, and people don’t seem to understand. I just wanted to share my thought with you. Thanks again and keep up the great work, I really enjoy your articles.


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