“Why Millenials are leaving the Church?” – My Voice in the Conversation


There are many articles circulating around the web about why Millenials are leaving the church.  I am not a Millennial, but having worked with this age group within the church for the past twelve years, I have a few thoughts to add to the conversation. Continue reading

Establishing Autonomy- A Developmental Task of Adulthood


Young Woman Working OutThe first major task of adulthood is to establish autonomy.  An individual’s ability to achieve personal autonomy is crucial for personal maturation.  James Fowler, a  developmental psychologist describes personal autonomy as,

…a person who has a sense of independence, an ability to stand alone, if necessary, on matters of principle.  She has clear identity boundaries that Continue reading

Develop Community- A Developmental Task of Adulthood

What does it mean to become an adult?  In order to reach adulthood, the individual must accomplish three developmental tasks:  establish autonomy, develop community, and discover vocation.  In this entry, I will briefly explain the task of developing a community, and its importance to human maturation. Hands Continue reading

Discover Vocation- A Developmental Task of Adulthood

589707_49030396[1]The childhood questions, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  becomes central in the mind of emerging adults.  The third developmental task of emerging adulthood is to discover vocation.  Vocation is a means by which the individual fulfills purpose in their life.  “We do not live by breath alone, sex alone, success alone, and certainly not by instinct alone.  We require meaning.  Continue reading

Defining Adulthood


Little Boy Dressed up Talking on Cell Phone

In order to aid adolescents during the maturation process, we must have an idea of what being an adult is all about.  Adulthood is something that is hard to define.  Humans do not step over a line of maturation that instantly makes them an adult.  Maturation is a gradual process, and leaves many individuals at various ages asking the question, “Am I there, yet?”   Sharon Parks describes the difficulty in defining what it means to become an adult.
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