An Apology from the Millenials

The blame game and name calling continues.  Everywhere you turn in the media, you find a major news source either yelling at the “Millenials.”  Time recently put an article on their front page calling them the ME ME ME Generation (future review to come).

They are spoiled, entitled, lazy, and simply a detriment to all of society.  This is why they have issued a public apology to all of us, but particularly to the great “baby boomers.”  (Partially because no one even gives a rip about Generation X – of which I am supposed to be apart).

I believe that this video does a good job at poking fun at both generations, and shows how ridiculous this pattern of blaming other generations has become.  It is hurtful to families, society, and churches.

We suck and we are sorryPlease check it out by clicking on the link below.

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