For Emerging Adults

If you are connected on-line more, and yet still feel lonely…

If you are still asking what you want to be when you grow up…

If you question aspects of your faith, and are wondering where to go for answers.

If you feel you cannot make it through another class, another day, another disappointment…

You are not alone, but normal.

Welcome to normal.  We can help.

EA Resources is committing to helping Emerging Adults cope with the unique challenges facing their generation.  The transition from adolescence into adulthood is filled with various obstacles, and we understand the difficulties that you face.  Our desire is to provide encouragement and resources to help you on your journey.

What Emerging Adults are Saying:

“I came to the Critical Decade conference, and as a young adult, it helped make sense of some of the things going on in my own life.”                                                                                                                        – Byron

“When I normally go to seminars about My Generation [the Millennials], I get so angry.  The speaker never understands us, but makes broad generalizations and wrong accusations.  However, David, you get us.”                                                                                                    – Emerging Adult in Fargo


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