The Forgotten Half: Reaching those who don’t attend college.


Here is an article that I wrote that was recently featured on the Youth Specialties Blog.  If you have a passion to change the future of the church, join me in conversations about emerging adults at the National Youth Workers Conference.

In the United States, the societal expectation to attend college can be intense.  Any graduating senior can attest to the pressure.  In the fall of 2015, approximately 20.2 million students attended American colleges and universities.  (SOURCE)


The Forgotten Half of emerging adults refers to emerging adults who do not go to college.  Jeffrey Arnett used this expression during an address at the 2015 Conference of the SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF EMERGING ADULTHOOD).  Although college remains a popular choice, many emerging adults do not attend, and are often forgotten in research conducted on college campuses.

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David - Prof 2Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources, a non-profit that seeks to equip parents and churches to meet the needs of emerging adults.  If he can help your community, contact him at

  1. David:

    Great insight and article. I know that in my own circles, kids who don’t move directly on to college are treated as second class citizens in the “college” groups at church. Part of this seems to be due to the leadership structure, where we’ve added seminary graduation to the list of pastor/elder qualifications. Thanks for writing this, it has encouraged me to keep my eyes peeled for the young laborer or tradesman to offer extra encouragement.

    • Thanks for reading! The “forgotten half” are definitely treated like 2nd class citizens in many communities. I believe many leave the church after high school because they are wrongfully ashamed for not going to college. We need to make our communities safe and engaging for all emerging adults!

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